Dorjgotov artwork and CV

Otgonbaatar Dorjgotov

dorjoo ah

Painter, Art researcher

1980 born in Ulaanbaatar

1998 graduated from the class of Mongolian painting of Rajiv Gandi’s Technical School

2002 graduated from the class of Mongolian painting of Institute of Fine Art the University of Culture and Art with Diploma of Bachelor’s degree

Since 2003 member of Union of Mongolian Artists

2006 graduated in the school of Mongolian language and culture of Mongolian National University for Master’s degree in art

Since 2008 curator and collection manager in the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery

Solo exhibitions

“Aurug” joint exhibition for the year of born 840 Chinggis Khan. August 2002. Zanabazar museum of Fine arts, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

“Blue wind over the Grassland” independent creative art exhibition, November 2004, Yan club art centre, China, Beijing

“Blue wind over the grassland-2” solo exhibition, July 2007, Zanady art gallery, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

Participated exhibitions

“Spring-2001,2002,2003” exhibition. In exhibition hall of UMA /Union of Mongolian Artists/, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

“Exhibition of Mongolian folk art” In the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. September 2001, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

“New wind” Joint exhibition of students of Fine Art Institute. Exhibition hall of UMA. March 2002. Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

“Exhibition of Mongolian painters”, April 2002. Galleria Prima Vera, Finland, Helsinki

“Exhibition of the graduators of FAI” June 2002, Modern Art Gallery. Ulaanbaatar.

“The declared Mongolian state” exhibition for the year of born 840 Chinggis Khan, the year of 81 poeple’s revolution. Exhibition hall of UMA. July 2002, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

“Red ger” exhibition organized by Mongolian art council. June 2003. Zanabazar museum of fine arts, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

“Exhibition of Mongolian artists” September 2003, Galleria Prima vera, Finland, Helsinki

“Naadam” exhibition to 83 years of popular revolution. July 2004, Exhibition hall of UMA. Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

“The 19th Asian international art exhibition” October 2004, Asian Art Museum Fukuoka, Japan

“Art summer” international art festival, June 2005, Elimakki Finland

“Art exhibition” Asian artist’s exhibition, August 2005, New-York, USA

“Early and now“ joint exhibition for the year of Great Mongolia 800 National History Museum and Mongolian Artist, June 2006, Exhibition hall of UMA, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

“Autum-2008” exhibition, November 2008, Exhibition hall of UMA, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

“The Exhibition of Best Paintings” December 2009, Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

“Young artist’s exhibition of Mongolia” June 2010, Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

“I khow Korea” fine art exhibition, July 2010, Mongolian National Modern

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Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar


Special award of “Competition in drawings of children books”, June 2003, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

III. place award in fine art competition “India by my eyes” organized by the Embassy of India. September 2003, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar


Mongolian traditional painting Sketches
22.Dorjgotov.O 'Ger bul' 2005, 57x79 cm, torgo torgoni budag. Aruujingoo 2010

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